USB gecko... I got one. Now I can't make it work

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    Alright. So I finally got one of these usb geckos. I installed the windows drivers like it said to (on a brand new XP64 setup). I put the usbgecko in slot b on my wii and connect it to my PC. But when I fire up wiird the GUI doesnt respond to any clicks except the button that says "show WiiRd". When I click that, I see a log of failed connection attempts and "resetting usb driver" scrolling by.

    I have tried the but all the help on there assumes that you make it past whee i am in the setup.
    The wiird forums are down and the faq/installation stuff on their site is no help.

    When I run neogamma, it sees that there is a USB gecko in the slot. so i think this is a PC/driver thing but like i said, this is a super fresh XP installation and I don't see what could have gone wrong. If somebody can please point me in the right direction i will sing at your wedding.