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    Dec 14, 2006
    United States
    So far I've found an adapter by Mayflash, and it includes Xbox support.
    I'm thinking of buying it but I'm looking for these specific things if possible:
    Vista x64 support(Mayflash supposedly works with Vista, didn't see x64 listed though)
    Does any adapter of this sort work for consoles? Ex: Controller -> Adapter -> Console's USB (Wii/PS2)
    I think I may have come across another adapter that even has GC/PS2 plugs. USB is a must.
    Multiple simultaneous controller support(supposedly Mayflash works) would be quite nice as well.

    Little off topic, but I'm running a Sept Vista x64 by BIE. I also have their Oct release.
    Anyone successfully update to SP1? I have a few options I could try but that'd take time.
    Got vLite, SP1 x64 msi, and from shady sources: April SP1 by BIE, SP1 x86 x64 iso, and an Apr crack.
    Was thinking of trying them out in a VM but my HDD space isn't so friendly.
    Thanks very much in advance.
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