USB Device Not Detected all of a sudden

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    Nov 10, 2009
    I have been using:
    -Conf. USBloader
    -WD 250GB (passport?)
    -WBFS for MACOS X
    -waninkoko ciosrev17
    for quite some time now

    But all of a sudden the USB device does not get detected anymore by the wii.
    someone else was using the Wii when it occured, but i dont think something strange was done.
    The person said a game was played, and the wii went back to the wii menu to load a different game.
    but when entering CUSBL, the program counted down, not being able to find the drive.
    a couple more times were tried.
    what i did to try to solve it:
    -Updated cios to latest version
    -cleared Conf USB-L to replace with GX (and eliminate wrong settings if they were touched)
    -checked the drive with WBFS for MACOS X (it could actually read the drive, enough free space)
    -Swapped USB cable just to exclude a cable problem.

    to me, it seems the usb slots on the wii are the problem, but i find it hard to believe.