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    would it be possible to redirect sd channel on sm 4.0 and above to a usb?
    i have minimal space on my wii and 2g sd for my game saves, wiiware, and home brew.
    a lot of my homebrew is incompatible with hcsd and usb and i cant compile code no meter how hard i try
    i tried everything including triforce, sneek, uneek, puneek, none of which i can get to work
    since the nand access can be redirected to sd/usb(with sneek, uneek, puneek) i would imagine that the sd access can be as well and that way there would be no need to use triforce, sneek, uneek, or puneek just because of memory limitations but sneek, uneek, and puneek still would be a great bricking protection for those who are able to use it
    i posted on priiloader to add this as an enhancement as one of the priiloader patches/hacks because i thought it might be a good feature but it got stood down
    if anyone out there is a good programmer and thinks that this would be a good feature and would like to make it
    i and others would very much appreciate it
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    i have asked the same thing in the past and it seems the awnser is no.
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    System Menu doesn't have code to read USB, so its not simply a case of redirect SD->USB, you'd also have to add USB code into the System Menu, which would require extensive patching and a lot of work, and tbh, most people with the skills to do it have better things to do with their time.
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    sneek does not redirect the read/write to sd/usb, it emulates it. the wii thinks its writing to the internal nand, sneek is actually writing to the sd. the system menu isn't patched in sneek, sneek is emulating the processes.
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    You seem to be confused about how nand emulation works... but regardless look up TriiForce MRC. It is an app that allows WiiWare and VC games to be installed to emulated NAND on a USB hardrive, and then booted from a homebrew app with a simple, quick GUI. I use it all the time and right now I have enough WiiWare and VC on my HDD to fill the Wii's NAND 3 times XD