usb cfg/wiiflow - How to get foreign titles to display?

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    May 26, 2008
    (i found a way to make wiiflow do what i want, but i am still stuck with usb cfg loader)
    Hi, using usb cfg loader, I can download japanese titles, but the titles only display as boxes. Is there anyway to fix this? I am think I once had it working a few years ago, but anyway, I really can't figure it out. Is it possible?

    And using wiiflow, I download the gameTDB, but only the english titles are displayed. in the gametdb file there are all the game's titles, in different languages, i can see it when i open it with a text editor. but wiiflow only selects the english title? for the japanese games, the title is not in japanese, even if i download the japanese wiiflow language pack, and enable it. is this a bug? i would have though if i use the japanese language pack, that it would select the japanese titles. does this not work for spanish, french... etc, others?

    thanks for your help :)

    -edit. ok so i just happened to 'reload cache' on wiiflow to try to get some new games i added to come up, it worked, and the japanese titles are suddenly displayed, just how i want, although i don't see why this did not happen when i was exiting/starting up wiiflow, which i did a few times.

    but still i don't understand why it happened this way, so now i have the titles how i want, in japanese, but what if i DID want them in their romanized format, was it just a bug that this was happening before i reloaded the cache? i want to know how to switch back and forth etc, just so i know how this program works. thanks again.

    -edit. OK! so i found out if i put the language in japanese, then reload the cache, the titles will be in japanese. if i change the language back to english, they will STILL be in japanese, it seems even if i restart wiiflow this stays. but then, if i reload the cache (being in english), then the titles will go to english.

    i would have thought this would happen when you change the language, so you cannot 'overlap' like this... very strange.