US Virtual Console Releases 26th March

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    Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire.

    That's it people. Don't get me wrong it is a nice little RPG, but its not exactly something I'd pay for, last week 360 owners got Castlevania - Symphony of the Night so it would've been nice if Nintendo popped out a biggie this week. VC is what a lot of people got a Wii for but why only one game? Last week us PAL gamers only got Zelda LttP and Castlevania, only two but at least they are both stone cold classics. Would a Kirby game hurt? Super Metroid? F-Zero X? ANYTHING ELSE?

    At the moment there are six channels on VC, with some more to follow so its not as if they're gonna run out of games, you'd thik they'd leave games like this to the end of the consoles life than at the front.