US and EU releases difference?

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    Jun 27, 2010
    What's the difference about US and EU releases on DS games? Both English right... what's the difference .... [​IMG] And tell me which(US and EU) DS game you guys get everytime?
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    They basically have some language differences, sometimes. (In Spirit Tracks, words like favorite became favourite, and towns got some new names.)

    Also, European versions tend to have Multi-Language, which is having more than one language on a cart. Some may have English, Spanish, Dutch, or more on one single cart.
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    EU games are in PAL. US games are in NTSC. Well, unless they're region free or something.

    Most of the time, EU releases are multiple languages and US ones are usually either just English or English, Spanish, and French (English for America and most of Canada, Spanish for South America, and French for Quebec). EU releases range from English to German to French to Italian and so on.

    And every now and then, depending on the game, EU releases will have censorships, like in No More Heroes.
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    Oct 13, 2008
    PAL/NTSC isn't applicable to DS games. As said earlier the (E) versions usually have additional languages for non-English speakers.

    Personally I just get the first English language version available which is usually the (U) version and in some rare cases the (J) version.