URGENT questions about custom firmware!

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    Yeah, I hate it too when people refer to their threads as URGENT, but I might need this info in a matter of hours.

    The short version: What's the best CFW at the moment? Something that's stable and has good compatibility. And how many types of CFW are there? If I upgrade to any CFW, can I then downgrade again to 1.5 and upgrade to another type of CFW without an unpatched UMD?

    The long story: I had zero luck with finding an unpatched GTA:LCS or Lumines. I could succumb to the outrageous eBay prices, and I would have, but I found a local store that would downgrade my 2.81 TA-082 motherboard PSP for about $15. Now, I will be heading to that store in around 5 hours, but before I do, I wanted to get some things cleared up.

    The man I spoke to told me that he would downgrade my PSP to 1.5 and then upgrade to any higher firmware I chose. He said that he could go as far as 3.52, which is the highest CFW (or official firmware for that matter), as far as I can tell.

    Now, knowing nothing about CFW, I must ask:

    1. If there's more than one type, what TYPES of CFW are there? Which is the current best and what version is it?

    2. Assuming I install a certain type and version of a CFW, would I then be able to downgrade back to 1.5 easily and WITHOUT the use of an unpatched game? In other words, can CFW be easily changed from one version to another or one type to another without the need for an unpatched UMD?

    3. After installing CFW, does System Information reflect this change? Does it show that I'm running "version 3.5OE" or whatever the CFW is called?

    4. Would the shop have access to any other method of downgrading a 2.81 TA-082 PSP than using either the Lumines or LCS exploit? If so, what is it?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Obviously, the situation has ceased being urgent as I've already been to the shop. As I got there, a friend called and told me he might know someone who has an unpatched LCS. I won't know until tomorrow, but I've put off the idea of using the shop's services until I get an answer from my friend.

    By the way, I have since found the answers to my above questions.