Urgent help! DSTT Recover flashcard backup.bin (ntrboot_flasher)

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    Hello everyone!!
    I need help, to recover the normal functionality of my DSTT flashcard, to be able to play NDS games.

    This flashcard uses it, to temporarily create a flashcard: Inject Ntrboot for the 3DS without programming.
    I followed these steps: using an NDS for Inject Ntrboot on 3ds. hacks. guide
    Everything worked fine !! with my DSTT using my NDS for Inject Ntrboot, and later programming the 3DS, it was a success !! :)

    (last part of the web page)
    Then, I read that you can restore the flashcard to its original state:
    "The following is an optional section that will allow you to restore your flashcart to its original state (to allow it to be used for its standard functions)."

    I was alarmed when reading this:
    "The flashrom backup corresponding to your flashcart
    Note that if you followed Flashing ntrboot (3DS Multi System), the flashrom already exists in the correct location and does not need to be downloaded "

    "DSTT - Missing"

    Instructions (having a 3DS with boot9strap, already programmed):

    "4. Copy the .bin file from your flashrom backup .zip to the / ntrboot / folder on the root of your SD card"

    I find it impossible to get a .bin backup of my DSTT flashrom !!

    I have tried this backup of this user: gbatemp
    tutorial-unbrick-a-dstt-flashcart-without-a-backup .498751

    But your backup does not work for my flashcard !!
    The symptom in my NDS when I test the DSTT Flashcard, is that it stays locked / frozen on white screen, with a frame of the NDS security information.

    Finally, try the backup that includes this set of tools:
    Name: DSTT_FakeRecovery_v1.17.zip

    It also does not work for me! Same symptom.

    I know that my DSTT are the good ones: since I let the ntrboot work perfectly, I also used version 1.17 according to the version that I indicated in the list of NDS games, before Inject Ntrboot.

    I ask the community:
    If someone keeps his flashcard DSTT in its original state, if it can be the same version 1.17 (Attached files containing the microSD system), and can make a backup .bin with the same tool ntrboot_flasher.
    ntrboot.log -> DSTT: Flashchip ID = 0x49c2
    0x49C2: MX29LV160BB
    yuukieve / 6b48f1bb8dd15136403c15c39fafdb42

    The only way I have to restore is to use these steps: (having a 3DS with boot9strap, already programmed):
    installing-boot9strap-(ntrboot) (last part of the web page)
    The latest release of ntrboot_flasher: v0.4.0

    Power off your device
    Insert your SD card into your computer
    This is the SD card from your 3DS, not the SD card from your flashcart
    Create a folder named ntrboot on the root of your SD card
    Copy the .bin file from your flashrom backup .zip to the /ntrboot/ folder on the root of your SD card
    Create a folder named payloads in the luma folder on your SD card
    Copy ntrboot_flasher.firm to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card
    Reinsert your SD card into your device
    Insert your ntrboot compatible DS / DSi flashcart into your device
    Launch ntrboot_flasher by holding (Start) during boot
    Read the red screen warning
    Press (A) to continue
    Select your flashcart
    If you do not see your flashcart in the list at the top, read the bottom screen for more info on each option
    Select “Restore Flash”
    Press (A) to proceed
    Wait until the process is completed
    Press (A) to return to the main menu
    Press (B) to power off your device

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    Attached backups of 2 different DSTT cards, just 64KB, the ntrboot.log said like:
    [INFO]: DSTT: Init
    [NOTICE]: DSTT: Flashchip ID = 0x300ba04
    [INFO]: DSTT: readFlash(addr=0x00000000, size=0x10000)
    Guess not compatible to your case.

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