Upscaling games to 4K if 60 fps is not possible


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Dec 4, 2016
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TL;DR: use another device (Extron, Decimator, BlackMagic, AVMatrix) to limit your weak console’s output to 720p30 and upscale with mClassic.

I have a Switch. Many games target 30 fps, and even with maximum overclocking cannot maintain 60 fps when patched (Astral Chain and particularly Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity). I recently ‘upgraded’ from a 1440p monitor to one of those improbably cheap Seiki 4k TVs.
My mClassic dongle still gives some improvement. But the article above suggests how to get 4K output from it.
The limitation is that it can only scale up to 4K when the source is 30 Hz or less. For games that run well at 60 fps, this would probably not be a great trade-off, but for the console and computer I have, I might as well accept 30 fps with no slowdown vs. realistically 40-50 fps with slowdown.
The key point of the article is that the Switch outputs at 60 Hz (even if the game’s frame rate is lower), and extra hardware is needed to get a 30 Hz signal.
The OP uses a Blackmagic UpDownCross HD converter. This can only output a 30 Hz signal at 1080p. Similarly with the slightly cheaper AVMatrix SC2030. Most Switch games don’t actually hit 1080p, so it makes sense to set its output to 720p and have all upscaling handled by the mClassic. The other device I looked into is the Decimator MD-HX, which has a built-in display and offers 720p30 output. But I have discovered that many scalers made by Extron also do this (IN1604, DSC HD-HD, DSC 301 &c.) and are significantly cheaper and more available second-hand (I paid £35 for mine on eBay). I am pleased with the results so far using the IN1604 (which is also an HDMI switch so I can also connect my Wii U and computer).
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