uPlay+ is Ubisoft’s new game subscription service

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    You need to start thinking about the subscription services as a reverse IV. Instead of delivering a medicine or saline to you just while you are in the hospital, you let these companies stick their needles in you and start sucking blood out of you $10, $20, $50 at a time until you terminate the relationship - usually months after you realize you're not getting much for your monthly outlay. (Worst of all are the poor folks who pay $150 a month for cable TV and have to endure a barrage of commercials - and PAY for the privilege!). Unless you have some serious "get a life" issues, you don't need them. Invest heavily in your life and you can leave these leeches for good. All of them.
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    Personally I doubt I’d ever subscribe to any of these from a single producer, I wouldn’t want to be limited to just one companies games. Xbox Game Pass, or PlayStation Now at least give you a mix of publishers titles.

    I’d still rather just buy a physical game though. I mean consider my gaming since January, aside from a game I did a user review for, I’ve only really been playing Spider-Man on and off for 6 months.

    That game cost the wife £30 (it was one of my Christmas presents). Had I been playing that via a subscription service I’d have to pay every month, just for a few hours a month. So, what? For arguments sake, say £10 a month. That would be £60, double the price. Yes, there would be more games available, but I wouldn’t be playing them. The maths in those kinds of situations just don’t add up in favour of a subscription.
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    Gamepass is enough for me