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    Ok, I have a clean 1.5 PSP with a few things flashed and Devhook and I haven't used it for a while. What should I upgrade it to (Please say the steps because I think you need 3.4OE for 3.5OE or something like that), and what precautions should I make (I've flashed a few things, will that make a difference?). And of course I want to be able to run ISOs and Homebrew [​IMG]. Help would be appreciated. [​IMG]
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    First of all, clean 1.5 refers to a state where flash0 and flash1 only contains stuff from Sony Official firmware 1.5.

    -Uninstall DH-
    If you have Devhook installed, the first thing you want to do is uninstall DH from NAND flash, uninstall via running DH.

    -Clean up flash1-
    Use tools like flash1 formatter to clean up flash1, or you can use PSP Filer to manually remove everything EXCEPT +vsh, +dic, +resource, and +net. If your flash1 is somehow messed up (it occassionally happens, memory is easy to get corrupt) flash1 formatter is a better choice for PSP Filer can cause problems while dealing with corrupt flash1.

    -Clean up flash0-
    You can clean up flash0 by installing custom firmware and downgrading to 1.5 again, if you have messed up flash0, custom firmware may not work properly but you can still clean it up by using recovery mode and downgrading back to 1.5. Now, if you manually attempt to clean up flash0 and do something wrong, it will BRICK. It's much safer for downgrader to format flash0 and write 1.5 firmware contents.

    I have never put anything on my PSP under 1.5 firmware, so I'm not aware of what problems updating to custom firmware will cause, but one of it is definitely half brick (but it's okay you still have access to recovery mode and fix it, resulting in clean 1.5 flash0)

    I'm not sure how you can brick by going from 1.5 to custom firmware, maxing out flash0 bricks for sure, but if you think it can brick your PSP this way, wait for someone else to post.

    If you decided to update to custom firmware, use recovery mode to downgrade to 1.5.

    Now you have clean flash0 and flash1 under firmware 1.5. This is called clean 1.5 and you're safe to install custom firmware of your choice.

    One last note, never install devhook on nand flash under custom firmware, it's okay to run it from memory stick, but if you nand install it your flash will max out and brick.

    And for custom firmware updates process, search the forum for I'm very sure it was dealt several times. I wrote this for your specific case to be ready for updating to custom firmware, ironically it involves updating to custom firmware.

    Good luck

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Thanks a lot, and by clean 1.5 I meant I went from 3.x (Forgot which version) > 2.0 > 1.5 > 1.0 > 1.5.