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    Apr 9, 2004
    Can you upgrade the hard drive with kmeaw's CFW installed on a slim PS3, or should you revert to 3.55 OFW first and then upgrade the drive? If you can upgrade with kmeaw, how do you do it? Do you use the official pup first or just the kmeaw one?
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    Jan 20, 2009
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    Just did this a few days ago

    Luckly i took note of everything i did

    I was
    SLIM 120GB
    On KMeaw 3.55

    1) Get a BIG external HDD to backup everything you have. If you dont want to back up your profiles, your saves and games you have, just skip to step

    2) Format this BIG external HDD into FAT32. You will need an extra program to do that. Just google it.

    3) Plug the BIG external HDD into the PS3 - sytem settings - backup utility - Backup!

    4) It will take FOREVER (in gaming-less time). Like 2 and a half hours.

    5) Backup ready? Next step.

    6) Do you want to backup your trohphies? Give it a quick log on to the PSN and "sync with server". To log on to PSN in KMeaw 3.55, use the DNS TRICK.

    7) Right. Everything done? Time to upgrade hard drive! Turn off the PS3

    8) Turn it off an exchange the ps3 HDD. Its extra easy, there´s one billion youtube videos about it.

    9) With a new HDD, turn it on again. It will say there´s system files missing, and you have to reinstall the firmware. You need to reinstall the ORIGINAL FIRMWARE 3.55

    10) - this got me stuck for 24 hours - you need to install ORIGINAL FIRMWARE 3.55. Plug a flash drive with PS3-UPDATE-UPDAT.PUP inside.What? Its giving you errors? "No applicable data found"? Yeah, i got those. Burn a DVD with the same file then! It will probably work, like it worked for me.

    11) Right, waaaait the whole install process. Everyhing will be ok and you will be blasted to the XMB, in a new system!

    12) Now, go to the System Update - Storage Media and instal KMEAW 3.55 - Go ahead, no fears. Just install it.Everything will be fnie.

    13) Right! Last step =- get your BIG EXTERNAL HDD and use the Backup Utility -> Restore utility, so you can restore your profiles, saves, games in the HDD, everything. It will be like it was before!!!! (but it will take another 2 and a half hours)

    14) Oh yeah, before celebrating, just do a quick login to the PSN so you can sync your trophies with server again, to get them all back (Kinda, youll see)

    Done!!! Your PS3 like it was before, but now with a bigger HDD!
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