Upgradin emunand, Ninjhax 1.0 Vs 2.0, Pokehax (save manager) and other homebrew on Reinand N3dsXl

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  1. Noggerfragger

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    Sep 19, 2015
    Hi guys, I successfully installed reinand on a 9.0.0 n3dsxl (still haven't updated the emunand to 9.5 though) and I was downloading some homebrew, I noticed that some of them just hang up when I try to load em with broeserhax instead of C.N. ( and in order to use pokehax i need to insert the cartridge so CN is not an option :P ). Now i have a few questions.
    1)What save manager should i use for both installed games and cartridge save backup (if any)?
    2) I still have the ninjhax loader from the reinand tutorial(ninjhax 1), I imagine that it's the only one that can run pasta cfw and fbi but is ninjhax 2 needed to run homebrew and launching homebrew loader from say ironhax browserhax etc?
    3)I have devmenu installed do i still need to keep ninjhax1 pasta cfw reinand launcher and fbi on the sd? should i never need to repeat the installation process?
    4) i installed the spoofer for the emunand. Do i still need tu update to 9.5 and can i safely connect to the shop and buy staff/update games/play online?
    5)Why if true, ninjhax1 allows us to install cfw and ninjhax2 doesn’t (always talking about =<9.2.0)? I thought that having the right firmware only an entrypoint for the exploit is needed (homebrew launcher) am i wrong?
    Thank you very much, I’d like to learn more about this subject and i hope my questions could help others in the same situation ^^
  2. usernametaken

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    May 13, 2015
    United States
    BrowserHax uses Ninjhax 2, so certain things like cfw which launch from HBM won't work since they need the permissions that Ninjhax 1 grants.
    Although now you can basically make Ninjhax 2 like Ninjhax 1 if you're on an exploitable system (=<9.2) by using Brahma 2!

    Cubic Ninja cartridge allows you to boot / launch into HBM using Ninjhax 1 - The CIA version doesn't since you need to be in cfw / sig patched mode already & once you've patched sigs, most of the time you'll also have Firmlaunch enabled, which tells the system you're on 9.5.

    1. Since you have an exploitable system with Reinand already installed, you should use SaveDataFiler for both your installed games and retail carts.
    2. Ninjhax 1 by default gives you the permissions needed to launch cfw / fbi (once sigs are patched) - Ninjhax 2 by default doesn't (Which Ironhax / Browserhax & others use); although you can use Brahma 2 to give Ninjhax 2 the permissions that 1 has.
    3. I assume you're talking about the .cia version for the install process, that's entirely up to you. They don't really take up much space, so you can leave them there, or if you don't the clutter on your mSD you can just delete them. Just keep the files on your computer incase you ever need them. :)
    4. FreeMultiPatcher allows you access to the e-shop / Region free no matter your firmware. You don't need to update to 9.5.
    5. Ninjhax 1 has an entry point which allows the use of exploits which was patched after firmware 9.3. Ninjhax 2 is another exploit that just allows the use of Homebrew, but doesn't have an access point for the piracy side of things. The Brahma 2 port fixes all of that for Ninjhax 2 as far as i'm aware though.
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