Upgraded to 4.0 and had HBC but didn't have CIOS installed?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Rahzadan, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Rahzadan

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    May 28, 2007
    This is a copy of a story I found on a couple of other sites. I can tell you that this fix worked 100% for me. I personally performed the fix on a Wii that had been udpated to 4.0 via Wifi from Nintendo. Luckily this wii did have the HBC already loaded, however no custom IOS was in place.

    I am a member of so many boards I can't remember which have rules on links and which don't. I apologize in advance if the mod needs to remove the links I am providing below. If you need to find the files, google search on CMDVDX34.

    paste of story below with my comments:


    [weswii edit - I just formatted an extra card. You need to make sure you have no other wads or other possibly pirated stuff on the card as the installer will search. See bottom of this story if you didn't follow these instructions.]

    Download http://www.yafaze.com/wii/files/4.0NoCIOSfix.rar

    Put the contents on your SD Card as it is in the .rar just drag all to SD Card.

    Follow these instructions:

    1.Run CMDVDX34 using HBC (this patches IOS35 to a lower number)
    [weswii edit - there are 3 parts to this app, I ran all of them in order specified. I thought it wasn't working since the first one locked up my wii after I ran it and I had to power the wii off manually. The second one did the same thing, but the patch did work.]

    2.Install IOS35.wad using Wad Manager (any version) (if it fails, it's already installed, don't worry continue)
    [weswii edit - I used the IOS35 version since it was already there for the next step]

    3.Then run Wad Manager (IOS35 Version) and install the CIOS7.wad
    [weswii edit - this failed the first time I ran it with a -2011 error so I thought I was dead. However, reset the wii and tried a second time and was successful]

    Booyah!! Done.

    Now you can run the CIOSrev9 update and start enjoying wii again.

    CIOSrev9 installer download , http://www.yafaze.com/wii/files/ciosrev9installer.rar

    If you get a piracy message run this
    [weswii edit - then you didn't pay attention when I said to remove everything off the card except the files from the .rar file you downloaded!]

    "This small tool will delete all the files written in shared2 (settings, hacks) by preloader (and by DVDx 3.4).
    I take no responsibility and no credits for this (it's a very small modification of Tona's setting_replace, it's 99,99% his code)."


    Why you must delete everything from the SD card:

    Comex's DVDx installer- CMDVDX34- has a built in "piracy check". It scans the SD card for things like pirated wads and backup loaders. If it finds them, the installer fails with the message It seems to me you are a pirate (press the home key to exit). The installer stores a record of the failure in the Wii's NAND. There is (EDIT) now a way to erase this record, so if you fail the check the first time then you aren't totally screwed. But unless the tag is removed CMDVDX34 will not run; it will only display the piracy message and then exit.

    CMDVDX34 isn't likely to scan already installed channels/wads. Just use a clean SD card and you should be fine. If you still have problems, even after using a Clean SD, you may need to uninstall your pirated games - this has yet to be confirmed.
    [weswii edit - I had 3 VC installs on my wii loaded via wad and they were still there and functioning with no issues, ymmv]
  2. Riley

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    Mar 9, 2009
    BC Canada
    Ya theres a thread exactly like this one. It was made like 2 wks ago.
  3. seitetsu

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    Jan 30, 2008
    United States
    Confirmation! Used it last night and in about 20 minuets, I was out of the 4.0 hell.... take my advice, don`t upgrade yet... It`s alot more hassle than it`s worth...
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