Upgrade my Firmware, Effecting?

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  1. Marcer

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    Aug 7, 2009

    I have an Wii PAL v3.4E which I used Zelda Hack to install Homebrew Channel.
    Now I have started to get irritated over the low memory.
    I can get much WiiWares & VC game channels before its full,

    I do have an Memory card & SD card. But I can't run the WW&VC games from these.
    So I checked around the noticed Firmware 4.0 fix this, so I can run the games from my memory cards/SD.

    Now my main question, will this firmware update affect my Wii (homebrew) channels etc?
    or is it just plug and play and update the firmware?

    // Marcer
  2. illinialex24

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    May 26, 2009
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    I upgraded to 4.1 and nothing was deleted. However, I have heard stuff is deleted on the update to 4.0.

    Anyway, I went from 3.2U to 4.1U and all I need for every VC/WiiWare game to work was cIOS60BF.wad. That made it so any channel could work, however, it is a dangerous install. If the power goes out, you got a bad brick so you need a nand dump before hand.

    Now, I had cIOS36 rev10 and Patchmii installed before hand, and I installed version 2 of cIOScorp afterwards, and so all my backups work from the disc channel.

    This way I could use Gecko OS from the Wii menu, WAD Manager (useful if I bricked deleted IOS61 so I couldn't load Homebrew), MPlayer CE, and DVD Dumper.

    EDIT: I used the Wii system menu update but I had a nand dump before hand, I recommend using Waninkoko's update tools, they can make it a lot safer.