updating wii 3.2 to v.40 - i wnt SDHC support, little help?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by KTroopA, May 17, 2009.

  1. KTroopA

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    ok ive read all the faqs and guides and need some guidance on the order i should do this stuff. i have 3.2 running bootmii boot 2 and all works fine, NAND backed up. i simply want access to the SD card menu for extra space [​IMG] i understand the only way to get this is to update to v4.0. so the guides mention preloader and i dont have that. do i install that 1st and then run waninkokos 4.0 updater? id like to do this offline so whats the order plz to go.

    also i wnt to keep the disc channel to loads backups and read CISCORPS is needed, is that right? again whats the best order to do all this so nothing like HBC, usb loader etc breaks?
  2. rommy667

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    Their are plenty of guides here all ya gota do is LOOK [​IMG]
  3. Shinigami Kiba

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    I was VERY reluctant to updating from 3.2 to 4.0, but after backing up my NAND with bootmii and everything i finally caved in yesterday and did it.

    follow this guide
    I did the offline update and aside from a small problem where cios_fix wouldn't install on IOS35 everything went smoothly, i simply started over without deleting anything and applied cios_fix.wad to my already rev10 cIOS36(IOS249), then did the whole IOS35 process again and it worked, you probably won't have to do that so don't worry about it.

    Also note that it seems preloader only supports SD and not SDHC cards, so for installing the hacks you'll need a regular SD card, at least I did.

    It's a 100% safe installation as long as you follow the guide word to word and have a backed up NAND.
  4. Riicky

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    May 15, 2009
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    I used the same guide as Shinigami Kiba, but did the online update! like Shinigami I recommend using bootmii to back up your NAND, just incase something goes astray!
  5. KiiWii

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    update to 3.3e with cIOS updater > format (first 2 steps were to aviod "you are a pirate, bye" bug) > banner bomb > hackmii installer .dol > hbc > dvdx > wadman 1.4 > ios36r10 > update using the cIOScorp folder batch install method to install 4.0e (get files from NUSD 1.1) > PL 0.29 > installed cIOScorp v2 + bugfixed ios60 (again using batch ios method)

    I just did it, and i now have region free, pirate free 4.0 with all the benfits of 3.2 and SD VC loading.

    (had to install cioscorpv2 twice to get 001 and 002 errors to fix... weird)
  6. TornZero

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    Hi. I want to update to 4.0 from my 3.2, but I just want to know what happens if you DON'T use the guide to update. I have the HBC and DVDX installed. Nothing more that I know of.
  7. Shinigami Kiba

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    I dunno what happens, but chances are you'll mess something up and lose the ability to run homebrew for a while, though now even virgin 4.0 Wii's can be hacked so it shoudn't be that big a deal, still not something you want to do.
    If your Wii can handle it, install bootmii as boot2, it's as easy as clicking "A" 4 times or so, install that, backup your NAND it's two button presses to do so, literally and once you got yourself a NAND backup give it a try and see what happens if you don't follow the guide.

    Just be sure to store your NAND Backup on your PC or something, make two for just in case.
  8. stevee

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Follow this guide Safe 4.0 Update
    This is what I used and everything works perfect,
    I would install bootmii if you can on boot2 as suggested, before you upgrade and make a nand backup of your system 3.2 so you can revert your Wii to its current state if you want to