Updating the Dashboard

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    How do you update the dashboard without connecting to the internet?
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    If's an old system, i'd check to see if it can be jtagged before you update it


    Burn a DVD or CD

    Your other option is to download a file from Xbox.com and burn a DVD or CD. Use this method if you don't have your console connected to broadband, if you use a dialup connection to the Internet, or if the Xbox LIVE service is not available in your region. You could even do this at a friend's house who has a broadband Internet connection and a DVD or CD burner.

    To create an update disc you need the following:
    • A DVD or CD burner.
    • A blank, writeable DVD or CD.
    • The update file from Xbox.com.
    This procedure involves burning the DVD or CD by using Microsoft Windows DVD or CD burning software. If you're using third-party CD/DVD writing software, follow the instructions for creating a data disc.

    The same steps apply whether burning a CD or a DVD.

    To create a DVD or CD:[*]Click here to begin downloading the update folder. Save it as "$SystemUpdate_Fall09_8955.zip" anywhere on your computer.

    Caution: Do not change the name or folder structure of the update file. This must be the same as when you downloaded the file for the update to run properly.[*]Place a blank disc in your burner.
    From Windows Explorer, select Open Writable CD Folder Using Windows Explorer or open the CD drive icon.[*]Open (double click) the zipped $SystemUpdate_ Fall08.zip folder and drag the contents of the zipped folder to the root of the CD Folder. If the CD write window doesn't open by default, drag and drop the folder onto the CD/DVD RW drive.

    If you are using an earlier version of Windows you will need to open the file using a separate utility (for example, WinZip).[*]In the Explorer window, click Write files to CD from the CD writing tasks or right-click the CD/DVD RW drive and select Write these files to CD.[*]Follow the steps in the CD wizard. When you are finished with the wizard, the CD will eject. Your CD is ready.

    To update the console:[*]Switch on your Xbox 360 console.[*]Place the CD into the Xbox 360 console.[*]Turn the console off and then on again.[*]The update program will start automatically. Select Yes, update now and press A.[*]Wait for the update to complete.[*]When the console reboots, you're done!