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    follow this guide. http://gbatemp.net/t171901-modify-any-wii-4-2-below

    then install wiiflow for 249 from here http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/downloads/list

    wiiflow is the best loader imo.

    use dop-mii to check what ios's you have installed. it has syscheck built in and it saves all your ioses to a txt file.

    if you want an even easier mod for your wii try out sciifii. i use it often and it works great.

    it restores tb.
    installs cios249 17b (the best one imo)
    updates you to 4.2
    and installs priiloader (brick protection..)

    in that order.

    as for best game manager, i have no idea. im on a mac and theres only one program that works for me and im stuck with it.
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    Since your wii is old it will most likely allow bootmii IOS and boot2 install - do both from hackmii installer and backup first and after you are happy you have hacked correctly.
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    Hello, I'm new to this forum! I visited a lot of boards on Wii hacking but GBAtemp is the best in my opinion.
    Not only in your opinion, it is the best..!!, period.

    I hacked my Wii over a year ago and am pretty familiar (at least I think) with Wiis in general, but I feel so out of the loop now. I recently found some more time to play with it and I want to, essentially, update it with the latest utilities. Right now I have the Homebrew channel, and some custom IOSs installed. A few questions:

    1) I have AnyTitle deleter, is that a reliable way to see what IOSs I have on it? Also, is there a pack somewhere to update all my IOSs?
    ATD only tells you wich IOS slot you have occupied, but not wich version, so you can use DOPMii to check wich version you have, update with a newer version and disable the fakesign-check

    2) What is the best game backup manager so I can play my games via USB stick? Also, what is the best USB loader?
    The manager it really doesn't matter cause you are gonna be taking your games in and out and no need for image or special 300 games support or something like that, so check out the LIST, and the best loader I think is the CFG, but you should try also WiiFlow and GX, as these 3 are the most popular USB Loaders

    3) Currently I'm running firmware 3.2U on a year-and-a-half-old NTSC system, should I update it to a newer hackeable version?
    Only if you want, there is no need to go to a newer firmware cause the games will load still even if you are on 2.0, but most of the people are runing under 4.X (I'm on 4.1 actually for no particular reason)

    4) Should I get brick protection?
    Bootmii if you can (search for HackMii installer), or priiloader at least if bootmii is not posible

    5) What all should be on my SD card (the essentials)?
    Emu's, Loaders and Homebrew Browser of course, so you can check newer apps, and get them directly from your Wii....!! [​IMG]

    Thank you very much for your time and I appreciate any responses.
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