Updating from System Menu 3.4U to 4.2U, and boot2.

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    My brother got a brand new Wii, that came with system menu 3.4U (I have no idea how, I got mine prior him, and it came with System Menu 4.1 o.O)

    So... I'm trying to get it updated to System Menu 4.2U flawlessly, but without using Nintendo update system (so we can avoid it going to System Menu 4.3U).

    I've done this steps:

    1st) Run Hackmii installer v0.8
    Warning: Spoilers inside!


    I've run a combination of this guide (#1 - Updating your Wii) and this guide (#2 - Dop-IOS and Trucha bug) (Yup, the newer method didn't work).

    After some trials and errors, I could manage to install all Wads from ModMii steps perfectly.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Okay, so I got:
    - System menu 4.2 working
    - Install IOS36 (r3351) w/FakeSign step working
    - Waninkoko cIOS ( cIOS38rev17 )
    - Hermes cIOS v4

    So, problems until now:
    1st) I can't install IOS58 using this installer. When I run it, it runs on IOS 38, download the files, and exits with the message "Error - Installation Failed!", and an "Ok" button.
    Maybe ModMii installed it already, but I don't see HBC running it nor the IOS 58 installer running it too.

    Update: After running HackMii again, and re-installing after the 4.2 update, it seems it's running IOS 58 now, both for HBC and for IOS 58 installer... Still, if I try to use the IOS 58 installer to "reinstall" ir, it fails in the same way. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or if something gone wrong.

    Hackmii install log after this:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Update 2: After removing the IOS58 with YAWMM, and reinstalling it using IOS 58 (needed to use bannerbomb again, since HBC wouldn't boot etc.), it seems the IOS 58 installer worked and the installation completed successfully. I'm not sure why this happened.

    2nd) It seems I need to update boot2. I'm not sure why but... It seems System Menu 4.2 came with a boot 2 update, and this should be important. Also I read that Boot 2 update code from Nintendo is problematic. So, how can I update it properly? What changes if I update it?

    Also, is there anything else that I'm missing from this update process ? It's late right now, and I might have missed something.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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    You've made it alot harder on yourself. Updating boot2 is relatively safe, messing with IOS is much more dangerous. Updating any flash has a risk.
    I you wanted everything up to date except the system menu then I'd have upgraded officially to 4.3 and then installed the correct 4.2 system menu IOS and the 4.2 system menu.
    I'm even lazier than that, I'm still running the 4.3 system menu.
    As long as you have the latest HBC installed before you upgrade then you can do everything on 4.3 that you can do on previous versions, with a lot less hassle.
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    I saw this post of yours in the other thread...
    It just means that it is an old model wii that can play backup discs and install bootmii as boot2. If the same wii was updated to 4.2, then it would still be capable of those things, but we wouldn't be able to know for sure by JUST its firmware version.

    There's only 1 benefit to updating your boot2 version. If are able to install bootmii @ boot2, and your boot2 version is less than boot2v4, your bootmii will be 'uninstalled' in the event of an accidental official nintendo update. To prevent this, you can update your boot2 to v4 using dop-mii (this 'uninstalls' bootmii @ boot2) then immediately launch the hackmii installer and re-install Bootmii @ boot2. And this time your bootmii will be labelled as v4, and will remain untouched by an official nintendo update.

    PS. If you are having problems modding your Wii, try using ModMii's ModMii Wizard and follow all those steps exactly... it sounds like u following many different guides, it's best to just stick with one good one and follow it to the end instead of using parts from different guides.

    PPS. You already installed IOS58, so u don't need to run the IOS58 Installer. But the reason it is failing is because of a bug in the HBC, any app that has "no_ios_reload" in its meta.xml (ie. IOS58 installer) will probably fail if you do not have a working internet connection set-up on your wii. To prevent apps like this from failing, either set up an internet connection (be sure to say no when asked to do an update) or wait in the HBC for 60 seconds before starting the app (this will not work 100% of the time, but it increases your chances of success from almost 0% to maybe 80%)