1. R2DJ

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    Jan 30, 2008
    May I suggest that you update the reviews of flash carts because some of the flash carts have changed, new features are added, bug fixes, compatibility improved and other stuff. It would not be a good help for people in need of a flash cart because they will probably go to this site (which gives the best flash cart reviews) and read the review of a flash cart that they're considering. I know that there are re-evaluations in some reviews but for some people, that isn't enough.

    For instance, I read the review of the TopToy DS. The reviewer said that the menu has a lag. A lot of DSTT owners know the solution to that and that is by formatting the card to FAT file system.
  2. Another World

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    Jan 3, 2008
    yes but people who come here understand that things change. that is why each kit has its own section on the forum to discuss bug reports and updates. i don't think updating initial reviews is a great idea because those were reviews of those carts at that time. they are basically reviews of how sturdy the build is, what type of support it has, what type of things should be included, how well its packaged, etc.

    when i first got into nds kits those reviews got me started then i knew what type of stuff i needed to research to make an informed decision. if they had been updated what would they have included? perhaps information on which roms are now working verses back then, or maybe that firmware fixes now included dldi autopatching? all of that type of info can be found in the sub sections for each kit, and if it can't it is only a google click away.

    those are some things to consider.

    gbatemp has a wiki section which contains *some* of the flash kits. you could just update that and keep it up to date instead of trying to get original posts updated and altered by those who wrote them.

    -another world
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