Updating and accessing shop through emuNAND/ Updating games

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    Nov 10, 2015
    Hey guys,

    I am having a great time since successfully following the popular tutorial on this site however I have 2 questions which need answering as I feel I'm making a bad decision.

    1. Having recently downloaded the new release Pokemon Yellow I am hit with the Nintendo 3DS logo screen. Looking at posts on here I am required to fix the game via eshop however in my case, whenever I access eshop it prompts me with an update. What I was wondering was if it was safe to update the eshop whilst on emuNAND? (I'm on RX-E 10.5.0-30E) or will I have to downgrade/ follow a different fix?

    2. Whilst installing games such as Super Smash Bros and Pokemon Omega Ruby, before tapping the icon I am hit with 'There is an available update for this game'. Is it safe to install this update whilst on emuNAND? Bearing in mind I am automatically booted into emuNAND when powering.

    Many Thanks!