1. DJravingMonkey

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    Oct 11, 2009
    Hey guys,

    I have not used my 3DS a long time... (my Switch does entertain me great :)

    Now i bought Metroid 2 original and wanted to play it but it wants to update...

    Is there a way to update safely? Gateway still does not suport emunands 11.3 or newer. But maybe I can update system nand and still use the gateway launcher with an older emunand?

    I just tried udsploid and safehax installer to install boot9strap which is needed to safely update to the newest firmwares, right? But safehax only gets me to a blackscreen... already tried ten times or so...

    any suggestions for me?
  2. MrJason005

    MrJason005 √2

    Nov 26, 2014
    Did you install gateway's fastboot?
  3. Kazuma77

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    May 11, 2008
    United States

    You don't have to use udsploit and Safehax. That's just for people on retail or Menuhax. You can just run Safe B9S Installer from your chainloader. In fact, you can just make it "arm9loaderhax_si.bin" and have your system boot straight into it. You won't get stuck in a boot loop because B9S uses "boot.firm" instead.

    And you are correct that you can keep your GW EmuNAND on 11.2 while updating SysNAND to 11.5. That's the way most of us are doing it.

    I would highly recommend checking out my "InScripted AIO" on that iso site (in the "CFW Discussion" section). The B9S configurations have Gateway already configured for you on hotkey B. And I also include an easy to use "A9LH to B9S" folder with everything you need to upgrade. Just copy both over. When you place the card in your system, Safe B9S Installer will run. Once it updates, you'll have a working B9S configuration with GW. To erase the temporary files without a second trip to the PC, hold "left" on boot to get into Godmode9, hit the home button, select "Scripts" and run the "0 - B9S Post-Install" option. Don't worry, your firm backups in the "boot9strap" folder will not be erased, in case you want to back them up (I'd recommend it). You might also want to run the "Install Luma3DS to CTRNAND" one so your system will still boot if your card reader dies.

    I would replace Safe B9S Installer with a standalone script runner that does the installation and cleanup all in one, but there's a screen init issue with GM9 and OldLoader. So, the extra steps are unfortunately necessary for now.
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  4. Quantumcat

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    Nov 23, 2014
    You can update your emuNAND to 11.2 using a Yoshi's Wooly World rom.

    If you want to install b9s, it depends what you are using to launch Gateway mode now.
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