Updateing Wii 4.1E with WiiKey1 and BootMii

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    can someone please point me in the right direction for updating my 4.1E European PAL Wii to the Newest System (4.1 i think).

    The Point ist that i have a WiiKey1 installed but also BootMii with HBC/Neogamma and so on. I Use Neogamma to start the games which wants to install the newest Updates and so on.

    I want the newest update because of the shopchannel and that the games don´t need to update the system so that i don´t need the NeoGamma.

    I´ve found the ModMii guide anhd tool, but worried a bit because i´m running the wii already hacked an chipped.



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    Jun 6, 2009
    There are many ways that you can update your Wii. In most of the methods you need to understand what files you want to update, what files your want to patch, and and what files you want to leave alone. This requires a little reading, but only a little [​IMG]

    Generally, you want to update all your IOS below 200 to their latest revisions, except for stubs. The only IOS below 200 that you should want to patch is the IOS that your current System Menu runs on; for example System Menu 4.3 uses IOS80, so you would patch IOS80 with the Trucha Bug. You can keep your cIOS, Herme's (202,222,223,224) or Waninkoko's (249,250), as is if they work fine for all you games. As for the channels, might as well update them to their latest versions. The System Menu you choose depends on you; most prefer only updating to System Menu 4.2, but if you have the latest HBC and you have BootMii/Boot2 as a backup, there is no issue with 4.3.

    Here is a sample SysCheck as an example of how to setup your IOS:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Like I said before, there are many ways to update your Wii.
    • You can go the manual route and download all the files from NUSD and then install them using all using MMM.
    • You can use a program like Dop-Mii or MMM and install each channel and IOS one by one. Dop-Mii (Non WiiBrew Edition) and MMM will allow you to patch certain IOS too like your SM IOS.
    • You can use ModMii and let it guide your via options in upgrading your channels and IOS, you might have to choose the manual options for more control though.
    And don't worry too much. If you are feeling reluctant at a step, just read up on it so that you understand what it is all about, you won't feel that same way after you know. Anyways, if all goes wrong, you should be able to revert back to your last NAND backup - which you made before attempting any of this right? - using BootMii/Boot2.

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    thanx for the answer. Will read a bit more to understand more before i go on.

    yes, I have made a nand backup.