Update to XELLous without LPT

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    Sep 12, 2009
    i totally stole this from this site however, it seems to be down now, and i got it from google cache
    i looked around an really couldnt find a way to do this (it sorta explains it in the nfo, but not really), so here it is in layman's terms:

    To update an XBOX 360 already running XBReboot, please follow the following steps:

    1.) Access XBINS and download Flash360 from /XBOX 360/Dashboards/Flash360 and extract it to a flash drive.

    2.) Download XeLLous from /XBOX 360/development/XeLLous/ on XBINS

    3.) Extract and rename xell-2f.bin to updslot0.bin and copy to flash drive.

    3.) Run Flash360 using XeXMenu and Press B, then A.

    4.) To activate XeLLous, power on the XBOX 360 with the Eject button.


    again, i take no credit for it, just trying to help out everyone else (and why there are two 3's ill never know)
    ps; how do you use pic tags in gbatemp...? kinda a stupid question