'Update not Found Error' Noob question

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    Nov 1, 2007
    I just got the Dreamcast Collection for my wife, and it is returning 'This game requires an update, but the update could not be found.'
    I am not sure of the iextreme I am running, it was the latest one there was last summer (June of 2010). Do I need to flash to another firmware to play this, or is it a simple upgrade that will not affect my ability to play my older games? I would rather not have to reflash, as I don't do it myself, I get another guy to do it for 25 bucks.
    Hopefully this is a straight ahead enough post, and I am not leaving out any info.

    If I can just update the machine, where do I get the update? I figured it would be like my wii and would be on the disk itself (like the update I did for Red Dead Redemption). I do not have my 360 on the internet, nor do I play any online games, don't care about xbox online, or whatever the hell it is called.

    Thanks for any advice.