[UPDATE] 'Home of Indies' Aims to be a a One Stop Shop for Indie Devs

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  1. hobbledehoy899

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    Nov 13, 2015
    How about a fund to improve the games situation for Linux instead? Or would that be too much of a deceleration of independence because most of the renowned "indie" developers are actually now owned by a certain windowed corporation?
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  2. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I'm...skeptical at this point.

    On one side, I can certainly get behind the idea that indies deserve a push in the back, more time in the spotlight, better quality, and so on. It's not hard, either, as nobody is against any of that.

    On the other side, there's no denying that this all is rather vague. There may be concrete plans, but nonetheless I feel like the answer to the criticism that there are already plenty of alternatives out there wasn't replied to in a proper matter. What will these "in depth tutorials" be about? Will these be about how to design, build, test or any other aspect of the creation process, or mostly about the distribution to eager customers?

    And then there's the TANSTAAFL-side of things: it sounds like you'll do everything for game creators for the price of free, which sounds kind of ridiculous. Especially since I think that the most important problem indies face nowadays boils down to the fact that there are so many OTHER indies out there (quality, gameplay, atmosphere has to be top notch for a low price, and even then there's no certainty it'll get noticed).
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    @Pluupy already answered to me. Let me quote the words of wisdom.


    I'm not trying to argue either. I just pinpoint the issues with the program and why it is about to fail. I can understand it is a struggle to be a developer (not only indie ones, mind you), but your idea isn't the solution, no matter how passionate you are nor how many echoes you have. I can understand too that your passion is carrying you through the project like it's the saviour that'll save indie gaming, but... Nope. That won't work. That has already been tried, there are already several superior competitors in the market who have the advantage of being carried by big money-making companies, there are already failed attempts that ended up financially hurt for life despite beginning on humble money requests, and all you're gonna do is crash and burn at best.

    I hope it won't happen to you since you seem to be really invested into it and it'd probably be a pain for you to suffer through, but that's also why I am alerting you. Going through a project that is about to become a disaster will hurt you much more than you thought, and I've seen it enough to hope it won't happen again.

    And a quick footnote - Make more for Linux. There's still a market there.
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    Mar 15, 2017
    If I'm honest, being the project owner I actually agree with that statement and i've seen many projects on these crowd funding sites, not being legit

    but as we are an actual outlet and are a trusted source for many developers, we are among the legit, however, I have seen some very bad press via kickstarter and such in the past

    Even if we do not hit the required amount (be it we are only under a day into it) we will still go ahead and at least archive what we can of our promises, given.

    Bold statement there my friend!

    - James

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    @Izual Urashima You do make a very fair point, and i for one welcome that, your right in saying that these big companies do have the backing, and the sources they provide do work, even though many are now outdated, in practice and style, but never the less they work for what they was intended,

    I don't quite think i have got the entire point across naturally in the indiegogo for what we are actually trying to archive, a lot of the statements here are the wrong perspective, thinking that we are running a new steam or such which just isn't the case, so in fact you have opened my eyes to what I should be adding in terms of the framework, our current mocks and such, to the indiegogo which I'll add later on tonight,

    I don't feel that it will fail as a project, I'm hoping that we will at least get half funded at least and that's a great step we are only early a day in, but i would love to see the platform flurish, and i'm willing to put in them hours, to change what I can with the bad parts I see day to do in the industry

    I suppose looking at it from your point of view its very hard to see what's inside someone else's mind when you are not around them / know the details down to a T, so I can't argue with you there, never the less thanks for clearing that up! however i don't intend to let this "crash and burn" time will tell! and i'm going to give it a bloody good go!

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    i however very much agree with both of you on the linux front!, and the mac front since I'm a avid mac user (my fault i know), I get to play 1999 spin offs haha
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    I don't agree with the mission. Do indie devs really need guidance? There are more indie games now than ever!
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    I want to be an indie dev but i'm struggling to be a dev on google, sucks to live in a country where you can wire money internationally
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    In that bara manga ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Free alternative to Steam? Sign me up.
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    I wonder how many people on this thread are actual game developers...or rather how many people here actually know how to develop anything.
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    I know how to develop black and white film, does that count?