Updatable vs non-updatable DSi cards...

Discussion in 'Other Flashing Hardware & Software' started by Schizoanalysis, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Schizoanalysis

    Schizoanalysis From somewhere inside the rabbit hole...

    Jun 23, 2009
    Hi all,

    I know that M3iZero and Acekard2i can be updated in case of any future Nintendo firmware revisions...

    How about the other cards?

    Also, are any of the R4(i) clones able to be updated?


  2. lolzed

    lolzed The GBAtemp Pichu

    Sep 13, 2008
    SuperCard DS Onei can update,so can dstt,and i think ezflash as well,and also iPlayer,the teams are well prepared.i think the r4i rts can update(the one from m3 team i believe)
  3. Konachan

    Konachan Advanced Member

    Oct 13, 2009
    United States
    My Computer
    Hyper-R4i can update
    and thats the only R4 Clone i can name that can update besides the R4I RTS from the M3 Team
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