Unreleased PAL Wii Games

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    I don't know where to post this so I started a new topic, for the DS there is a sticky topic with undumped games.
    I couldn't find one for the Wii.

    Since the release of the nintendo wii i checked the stores for every single Wii game released. My location is the netherlands.

    I noticed along the way that many games were missed (mostly region dupes) but to be be complete I'll post those titles along with their game ID.

    Game, Storedate, serial on box, serial released dump, releasegroup

    NBA Live 08 23-10-2007 RNBX-UKV RNBP RANT
    Monster Trux: Arenas 29-12-2007 RRXX-FAH RRXP WiiERD
    Anubis II 04-01-2008 RNVX-FAH RNVP WiiZARD
    Ninjabread Man 04-01-2008 RNMX-FAH RNMP WiiERD
    Cars 2: De Internationale Race Van Takel 17-01-2008 RC2X-HOL RC2P BAHAMUT
    Rock 'n Roll Adventures 18-01-2008 RRAX-FAH RRAP WiiERD
    Billy The Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing 19-02-2008 RBZX-FAH RBZP WiiERD
    My Word Coach: Verbeter Je Woordenschat 10-04-2008 RWFH-HOL RZYP! WiiERD
    Monster Trux: Offroad 18-07-2008 RTQX-NOE RTQP ZRY
    Myth Makers: Trixie In Toyland 18-10-2008 RMZX-FAH RMZP ZRY
    Space Chimps 18-10-2008 RP9P-HOL RP9X WiiERD
    Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3: Senior Year 23-11-2008 REYX-EUR REYP ZER0
    Disney Sing It 27-11-2008 RUIP-FAH RUIX GLoBAL
    Paard & Pony: Mijn Paardenstal (aka My Riding Stables ) 04-12-2008 RL2H-HOL RL2P SUSHi
    Go, Diego, Go!: Safari Avontuur (aka Go, Diego, Go!: Safari Rescue) 04-02-2009 REQY-HOL REQP ZRY
    Ik Ben Dierenarts (aka Real Adventures: Pet Vet) 02-03-2009 RVTP-HOL Unreleased!
    Mijn Dierenpension (aka Pet Hotel) 10-03-2009 RMNH-HOL RMNP SUSHi
    My Horse Club: Op Zoek Naar De Mooie Appaloosa 20-03-2009 REWX-HOL REWY SUSHi
    My Fitness Coach 26-03-2009 RFKX-HOL RFKP WiiERD

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    Nov 2, 2008
    nobody has bothered dumping them because they are all terrible games. all of them. i cant believe you went through so much trouble finding box ids etc and listing them all! seriously read some reviews to get an idea of the pap your asking people to waste there valuable time uploading.

    are there no decent games in your part of the world? .. ie wii sports resort, ssbb, boom blox.. anything not on your list... pikmin2, grand slam tennis, conduit, call of duty worldatwar, guitar hero...
    if you want games that girls will like too try good ones like ... wii sports, wii sports resort, boom blox, excite truck/bots, elebits, animal crossing,wiifit, wii music, wiiplay, mario galaxy, pikmin2, etc etc

    you cant really want those games.... can..you...?
    bloody hell rant rant more ranting... shouty shouty bang bang i killed myself
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    It's not that I LIKE or WANT these games, I just wanted to post this to let releasegroups know what's not released yet. And I didn't know where to post but this forum. I KNOW these games are all terrible.
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    Jan 10, 2006
    The quality of a game doesn't and shouldn't have any bearing on if it's dumped or not and the scene doesn't exist solely to give teenage boys the latest Zelda or Metroid game for free. [​IMG]
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    Nov 2, 2008
    after reading back through my last post i have to say its kinda funny. made me laugh. i know why you started the topic, i just couldn't resist it. dump away [​IMG]

    kudos to your google skills though for finding all the info, maybe it will help somebody.