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    Jan 29, 2008
    Hey guys,
    Been out of the 360 scene for a while since RROD. Just got another 360 and flashed it with ixtreme 1.4. All my previous backups work but i cant get any fresh ones to work. Have tried GTA 4, Turok and Viking and all say unreadable disc. I've burnt around 130 360 games now and have never had this problem. Now i have a Benq drive and i'm getting these unreadable discs with all my new burns. Using Imgburn but i have updated it since i burnt all my old discs. Anyone got GTA 4 working on a PAL Benq drive? I've heard lots of people having problems with it.

    EDIT: Just used Verbatims and all work perfectly, i guess Imations just don't cut it anymore.
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