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    Mar 20, 2015
    Many people has one, it's the kind of opinion that most people don't agree, but you still believe that it's correct, so, saying things that "Mario is a good game" is not something unpopular, since Mario games are so popular many people claims that this series of games are good, of course there are other people that say "Mario is Overrated", but neither of them are unpopular, because popular games has fanbases, and between the fanbases there are those who believes that Mario games should be done this way or other, so, this is the kind of opinions that you don't see often on the Internet, between my unpopular opinions i have:

    - I love Dragon Ball GT, yes, i said it, i love DBGT, even more than DBZ and DBSuper combined, i still don't know why so many people dislike this anime, yes i know that it's a spinoff and is not canon (Also that is not written by Akira Toriyama, the main creator of DB and artist of the Dragon Quest games), but this anime is really, really good, because it puts something important from the beginning, exploring, did you know that the original Dragon Ball was about a kid in search of adventures, trying to find the Dragon Balls, but most importantly, the adventure, since DBZ everything has been "Fight, get stronger, fight, get stronger, fight again, get stronger", that's all the plot, literally, i'm not trying to upset loyal DBZ fans but, that's the true, the interaction between the characters is small, the fights are good but, it's a bland series in my opinion, even the darker part of the Cell Saga with Future Trunks doesn't impress me since the characters are, well, kinda lame, i like Future Trunks as a character but, outside of his past, he is nothing really exciting to see, the Buu saga was the same thing, but even more bland, for me, it was simply boring, the only good thing is the interaction between some characters, but even those are just small parts compared to the "The enemy is coming, the enemy came, fight, get stronger, defeat the enemy", now, with DBGT was different, we have planet exploration, this is the thing i loved most in this series, searching for Dragon Balls in different planets with different species, this is the concept that the original DB brought, but many people didn't care after DBZ, the planets are fascinating, the story in GT is nice, the characters are portrated better, yes, i know that this Trunks is not "Quite strong as Future Trunks" but put aside the powers for this time and just concentrate on exploring and adventure for once, the Super 17 and Omega Shenron parts were back to the typical DBZ setting, but at least in the Super 17 battle they had to use the brain to defeat him, not mere brawl muscle, and the Omega Shenron fight was the most epic in all the battles featured in previous series (Yes, for me, it's even better than the Gohan vs Cell fight) the ending wasn't too impressive, but it leaves me satisfied, i don't care what people say, this is the best season in all DB, that's all i can say.

    - I don't like sitcoms

    - I actually prefer Capcom not creating more megaman games, not that i'm the "Anti Megaman fan" but, just listen, if Capcom suddenly makes a new megaman game like, i don't know "Megaman 11" what are the chances that this game is going to be an 8 bit game reminding the classic classics of all the classic series to satisfy the classic fans, relying only on the "8 bit style" than the substance of this game, and the chances that this game, though possibly cheap and easy to do, cancel it, and take into consideration that Capcom isn't the same company as before, they can fuck up anytime, anyday, would you be satisfied that the next megaman game is going to be just another rehash, or a "new" concept like the 3d parts of MX7, that sucked the most, i rather leave Megaman as it is, a classic series bounded to fade.

    - Amiibos suck, i don't like amiibos, i don't know why so many people consider them the hot shit when they are just toys, piece of cheap plastic toys that are kinda expensive because they are "rare", the worst part is that the most people who buy these things are adults instead of kids, which is sad, i don't mind videogames because they can be for everyone, and there is no age limit for them, but Toys?, why?, how much useful is an amiibo outside of showing purposes and useless DLC?, what else can you do with them?, if they had a small screen where you can play a minigame like a Game & Watch game it would be awesome, but they don't, they are just the "videogame fashion" of today, and i'm sure that in some years they will be forgotten.

    - Square Enix is a good company, even with their cheap business tactics, Final Fantasy XIII and keep rehashing some elements of Final Fantasy in their ios games, i put this company way above Capcom and Konami in terms of today gaming quality, with games like Bravely Default, the possibly awesome Final Fantasy XV and the new chibi final fantasy game along the Kingdom Hearts games, they are doing it good, many people criticize them because FFXIII, and their sequels along, but for me, i don't see them as a bad company, they are the opposite for me, i trust more this company than many others in actual gaming, not that this company doesn't have flaws, but is in a stable position and is doing it fine.

    - And now, the cherry in the top of the icecream, i like Sonic 06 and Boom 3DS aswell the Sonic wii games (flame shield), Sonic 06 is kinda enjoyable outside of some flaws here and there, and Boom 3DS was a decent game, not the best game ever made, but it was entertaining for what i could play, and Sonic Unleashed, Black Knight, and the Secret Rings are among the best sonic games i've played, i put Black Knight really high because i seriously liked the plot, the setting, the music sounds kickass, and the games does a really good job showing Sonic as a Knight of the Wind.

    - Legend of Zelda CDI is also good, kinda annoying to play, but is not a nightmarish game as many people claims, the cutscenes are weird, but frankly unique, it's the "They are so bad that it's good", the gameplay is, as i said before, annoying, but forgiving, and passable, i've seen worse games in my life, so, this isn't quite bad.
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