Unpacked Prof. Layton and can't find any SDAT

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    Jan 16, 2011
    Hey guys, I'm about 3 hours old to nds rom hacking and decompiling (although I'm much more familiar with GBA roms) and this seems like a completely new ball game compared to what I'm used to. Basically I'm trying to extract just one tiny audio file from a rom and convert it to a wav or mp3, but I believe I've reached a dead end and there doesn't seem to be an alternative route. I've quite easily managed to unpack the rom of "Professor Layton and the lost future" which gives me a "DATA" and "Overlay" folder and a few bin files which aren't of any use. Now I think that all the sound packs or files are in the "str" folder (located: "DATA > lt3 > str") directory where there are yet four more folders containing many files each with file extensions ".SAD".

    I've been googling this like mad but keep on coming across something called an SDAT which I guess is perhaps what nintendo used to use in their old roms to pack/compress the sound files in the rom. Well I can't find it, either that or I've managed to skip a step somewhere and it's extracted the sound files already (I'm guessing the .SAD files are the audio)

    Please believe me when I say that I have searched thoroughly through MANY forums and found nothing relating to the converting or unpacking(?) of .SAD files.

    If I've missed an obvious step then please feel free to tell me to take a hike and google some more (if that's possible) and delete this thread as I'm well aware that noobs aren't very welcome on any forum, especially when they post stupid questions.

    Please someone give me some insight or guidance.
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    Try using VGMTrans.