Unlimited LTE Data or Samsung Galaxy S II?

Discussion in 'Android' started by wchill, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Dilemma: I have AT&T U-Verse. Though the 250GB cap isn't in place yet IIRC, I'm hitting very close to it without downloading/Netflix/etc.
    I was planning on offloading some of that data through tethering on Verizon's LTE network.

    Well, Verizon is going to have tiered data on July 7. I'm eligible for an upgrade and have been for the past few months. I was planning on getting the Galaxy S II (or a Droid Bionic depending on the timing of the releases) and using that. But obviously, with unlimited data going away, I can't do that (maybe >0.000000000001% chance that SGSII will be out July 6 or earlier).

    This leaves me with several options (there may be more):
    -Buy a Thunderbolt/Droid Charge now and live with unlimited LTE data
    -Wait for Galaxy S II and get capped LTE data
    -Switch to Sprint (though we're on a family plan and this would involve paying a massive ETF for my sister's new 1-month-old phone, not to mention not very good Wi-Max coverage here)
    -Buy a Thunderbolt/Droid Charge now, resell/return when SGSII comes out, and buy SGSII without contract (according to various comments I've read about this, may or may not work)

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Or can anyone confirm if option 4 will actually work? Help?!?!?!
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    buy a droid charge, sell it and buy a galaxy S II if you really feel u need it later
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    How do you even get close to 250GB of data? Up in Canada, the most we ever have is 6GB, and you'll be paying over $100 a month for that.

    On topic... I'd get the Droid Charge / Thunderbolt and return it after the Galaxy S II comes out. If you can live without 250GB data (which I still think is absolutely shocking), I'd wait for the Galaxy S II. Samsung did mention a July release for North America.