Universal Unbricker released by Dax!

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    Jul 26, 2007
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    Source Maxconsole and the Official Dark Alex website dark-alex.org

    Edit: An updated version 3 has now been released with, amongst other things support for the Psp Slim screen i.e you can now see a menu. Dax says this is a major advancement in the possibility of the 1.5 kernel working under the Slim in the near future.


    Thanks to Mr Tutu Alek and Jas0nuk for the Readme translations and of course to Dark Alex for creating this unbricker.

    I have installed this and can confirm that the single Memstick created functions on both the Psp Slim and the Phat allowing you to go directly to 3.71 M33 Custom firmware, 3.71 Official firmware or to restore a Nand dump. Just remember that when using this on the Slim, you will still not see a menu due to hardware restrictions. There is no need for two seperate Memsticks anymore and if you already have any type of Pandora Memstick you can skip through some of the creation steps as mentioned in the Readme.

    Official Download


    The download is called Despertar-del-Cementerio and a version two was released because the first version caused bricks.

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    This is good info. thanks.
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    Nov 25, 2006
    Is this a method to installing custom firmware on the slim without a psp phat?