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    May 24, 2006
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    As referring to Rudolph patch bat file:
    "Here is the language version available for more tips patch_val
    M3R JPN "A400A0E31EFF2FE1 .."
    M3R GB "A500A0E31EFF2FE1 .."
    M3R ENG "A700A0E31EFF2FE1 .."
    iTDS JPN "B800A0E31EFF2FE1 .."
    iTDS GB "B900A0E31EFF2FE1 .."
    iTDS ENG "BB00A0E31EFF2FE1 .."
    0xCD command of the language model check b7: Type M3R/iTDS = 1
    b6, b5, b4: Card M3R = 010, iTDS = 011
    b3, b2: FW M3R = 01, iTDS = 10
    b1, b0: LNG JPN = 00, GB = 01, ENG = 11"

    Could it be possible to use those info and made a universal firmware that works on all versions?

    I want to make chinese M3REAL firmware to run on M3REAL englisk card if it's possible.