Undumped GBA games.

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    I don't know if there are more undumped GBA games but here are a couple of ones that aren't even found on gamefaqs.

    In Japan Megaman Battle Network 6 games were re-released in special combo packs with new Battle Chip Gates called Beast Link Gates, these special combo packs are called "Rockman EXE6 Dennōjō Greiga Beast Link Gate DX Edition" and "Rockman EXE6 Dennōjū Falzer Beast Link Gate DX Edition".
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    So not only is there rockman6 but there is rockman6 special edition. Sigh.

    As for undumped there are still a few older releases (espcially Euro area) and a few redumps needed according to no-intro:

    It is mainly 2 in 1 titles and region dupes of childrens films but still.