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    Apologies for the delay in posting this up- it was misread as an XBLA release.

    Others Risen.2.Dark.Waters.XBOX360-SWAG gets a full post but Adidas.miCoach.PAL.XBOX360-COMPLEX and Everyone.Sing.XBOX360-COMPLEX appeared. The former is a budget kinect only sports/training title to add to the pile of them and Everybody sing is apparently not due until September which is quite impressive and appears to be aiming for rock band but for vocalists only (lead and backing singers possible) featuring a fairly eclectic mix of songs (amazon uk says Rizzle Kicks - Down With the Trumpets, Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart and Dusty Springfield - I Only Want to Be With You among more recent pop drivel).

    The usual Rock Band stuff as well.


    Giant bomb did a quick playthrough.
    Quantum_Conundrum_XBLA_XBOX360-XBLAplus First person physics puzzle platforming from portal's lead designer but it apparently falls slightly short.
    Not entirely sure what revenge entails but sure to be another somewhat amusing popcap title.
    Region locked Japan only. play-asia link

    As mentioned the game was original released on the dreamcast and very late in the day there. For the most part it is a vertical (and in this case quite literally portrait save for some of the extra modes) shmup but as with a lot of them on the dreamcast it was a highly polished example of the genre. It probably does quite deserve the label bullet hell given titles in recent years but those that like that sort of thing will probably not find a lot to complain about. Theme is alt history world war 2 (you fly a helicopter for one) which some might not care for and the few amazon JP user reviews are not that favourable but they seem fairly focused on it being a more or less straight DC port with a few minor tweaks and that might make it fall short compared to recent years that have seen a lot of classics added to the list. Play asia reviews seem to like it though.

    VideoA trailer but gameplay is readily available

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    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

    ?ReleaseDate... 2012-07-08 ?Source Media....... DVD9
    ?Filename...... rrod-udh.rxx ?Source Region...... NTSC/J
    ?RarCount...... 72x100MB ?Playable Regions... NTSC/J
    ?Format........ ISO ?Verified........... Yes

    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

    Classic helicopter shoot'em up Under Defeat storms to gaming front
    lines in 2012. First released in 2005 for arcades, the later
    Dreamcast version has since become a premium item. G.rev has been
    very thankful for the high level of demand from fans to bring the
    game to a next gen console.

    Destructive Realism

    Rumbling tank suspensions. Explosions and flumes of smoke. Trees
    blown back with the blasts.

    Under Defeat pushed to the limits of the Dreamcast's graphics
    quality, presenting the battlefield in full 3D with realistic
    detail. Though the gameplay stays true to the simplicity of a
    traditional 2D-shooter, Under Defeat's expressionism allows gamers
    to indulge in the pleasure of blowing digital things up.

    All new Remix Mode

    Under Defeat HD is not just a port of the original title. In
    addition to the arcade version, the all new Remix Mode makes full
    use of 16:9 televisions.

    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

    Playable Regions: NTSC/J

    SplitVid, SSv2, and verified with abgx360!

    Extra special thanks to the person who deserves extra special thanks!

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