Undelete/Recover files from SD Card

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    I recently was transferring my SNES9X saves them to another SD card and accidentally lost all my save files!
    So i did a google search and found this program called TestDisk.

    Basically it allows you to recover deleted files of memory sticks and whatnot.
    I decided to write a quick tutorial to help those in need [if there's anybody]

    1] Download the program using the link above.

    2] Extract the .zip somewhere on your pc.

    3] You should end up with a folder called "testdisk-6.11.3"

    4] Navigate to testdisk-6.11.3>win and run the program called "testdisk_win.exe" [​IMG]

    5] When it starts, press the down key twice to choose "no log" [​IMG]

    6] Find your SD Card by looking capacity of the media and type and press enter. [​IMG]

    7] Press down and choose "Intel" and press enter.

    8] Press down and choose "Advanced" and press enter. [​IMG]

    9] Press enter to choose "boot".

    10] Press right to choose "list" and press enter.

    11] When you pressed enter you should see the files on your sd in white and the deleted ones in red. Just choose whatever deleted files you want to recover and press "c" to copy it back to your cpu. The file will be in the same directory as the program itself. [​IMG]

    Thanks for reading hope you like!
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    Not too bad [​IMG] Might give it a go later. Nice job tho [​IMG]
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    Thanks man! Helped me! [​IMG]
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    wow this will come in handy