Unbricking a 4.2US/KOR Wii with region changed SSBB PAL?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by fgghjjkll, Jul 29, 2012.

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    Jul 7, 2008
    I've heard that SSBB NTSC is unable to autoboot, so is it possible to region patch SSBB PAL and autoboot that instead?
    I have a WODE which has this Wii Region settings and stuff...

    EDIT: When I get into recover mode, it says 4.2 US, but it's actually a korean wii that accidentally bricked itself after an update...
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    Oct 4, 2007
    Hello there fgghjjkll. Long time no see.

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    I believe that would be what you would need, due to the console being changed to US region, and SSBB US not being able to autoboot. And 4.2 stops region free patches too.

    Pretty much, rip out the main Data partition from a game with an exploit you can run (like SSBB, any region version will do), then open up a US iso of MKWii, and then replace the Channel Installer partition with the game partition you got earlier. Then load up the new combined iso via WODE, and try to install Mario Kart Channel, and it will load the game you replaced the Channel Installer partition with, without any region checking.

    Then once that game is loaded, load up the exploit, in order to get homebrew running (preferably The Hackmii Installer, for BootMii and Homebrew Channel). At least try to load up Bootmii IOS so you can make a NAND backup. Then after that, use an app like WiiMod to install IOS60 v6174 (NOT v6400, it is a stub) into slot 70 if you want to keep on 4.2. If you want to go to 4.3 though, install it into IOS slot 80, then install System Menu v513 (4.3U).

    However, since you are in a PAL region, maybe you should change the Wii's region to PAL instead. That would mean installing either System Menu v482 for 4.2E, or v514 for 4.3E. Then you would need to change your region settings to Europe and PAL also, using something like WiiMod or the old AnyRegion Changer.

    EDIT: extra info:
    IIRC both ModMii and Wiimod have advanced options that can be used to get IOS60 and then install it into a different IOS slot, and I believe that the PC command-line app WIT (Wii Iso Tools) by Wiimm can combine 2 partitions together, which people seem to use mainly for the Mariokart Pwns trick.