Unbrick a PSP/Have all the materials

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    Hey there, heres the situation: I have a bricked psp (it turns on, but the screen is black) and I bought a hybrid pandora/psp battery to fix it. it's basically a normal psp battery and a pandora in one battery, and you can switch between battery/pandora mode. Most of these guides show you how to make a pandora battery and upgrade your 1.50 to a custom firmware, but I have no way of knowing what firmware I have because the psp's hacked. I have a genuine magicgate memory card, and I have the pandora, but I don't know what to do. any pointers?
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    With a pandora battery, it doesn't matter what firmware you have initially. That's the beauty of the pandora battery. You can upgrade from any firmware to a custom firmware. You will need to make a the magic memory stick though (on older models of the PSP, it needs to be 4 gb or less). There are a couple of guides on the forum about how to make one, just follow them.
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    I would recommend using a program called PSP Grader. Search it on Google. It does everything for you (Mem Stick wise), and fast.