Unable to Upgrade R4i 3DS SDHC v4.5 to support the latest 3DS Firmware

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    Hello there, I'm currently having issues wherein my R4 card cannot upgrade it's firmware. My 3DS is on the latest firmware, and usually I use my old phat NDS to upgrade, however, when I install the kernel and click "Upgrade", there is no option to.

    All that is displayed in the top window saying "Support version 5.0".

    Any ideas or tips would be appreciated. Many thanks x

    (PS: NDS is connected to a WEP Wi-Fi but doesn't seem to be utilizing wireless on that menu)
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    R4 clones have LIMITED update capabilities. This means it can only survive through a handful of updates before you have to get a newer R4 clone, even if it is the same brand.

    Your version of the R4 is likely no longer supported due to the revision ID support, revision ID is what is stamped on the PCB of the board.

    If your 3DS is on the latest firmware. Then it would be on 6.3.0-12. Your flashcart is listed as blocked, acorrding to 3ds-update-6-3-0-12 thread. In this case you will need to wait for an update on the website printed on the cart. Or get a new cart if listed as no longer supported.
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    Sorry, you're one of the hundreds of people that bought R4-SDHC and got dropped. If you need to survive updates, so far the DSTwo is the only cart that hasn't dropped older models.