Unable to show the drive although it shows there is a gba inserted.

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    Jul 17, 2009
    Hi, i have a serious problem. I have re-formatted througnly for my ds lite for N card. However, when it loads to menu and usb mode, when press to usb, it shows a black screen with words like USB DISK V1.44(8G) and when pressed to menu,it shows open x.menu.dat error!

    Please help me on what to do with the following.i am unable to view the disc on my computer to put x.menu program inside. I am wondering what to do.
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    Try these steps I compiled maybe they can help you.

    How To Troubleshoot Your Flashcart:

    STEP 1: Make sure you're not using the card reader that comes with the flashcart. Buy your own. Always use the "Add/Remove Hardware Safely" function before removing the reader.
    STEP 2: Check your microSD card for smudges on the contacts. Clean with a QTIP. You can add a bit of alcohol onto the QTIP, if wanted.
    STEP 3: Check your Flashcart for any abrasions or smudges on the contacts. Clean with a QTIP. You can add a bit of alcohol onto the QTIP, if wanted.
    STEP 4: Possibly, your Flashcart is not making perfect contact the DS. Try the "Paper Shim Trick" to close the gap and make the space tighter.
    STEP 5: Copy all of your games and saves off your microsd card to your computer (BACKUP). Download the latest "Panasonic SD Formatter" and do a full format with this application. Install the latest firmware again from a different/reliable site. Then add on your games and saves to the newly formatted card.
    STEP 6: If the latest firmware doesn't work sometimes downgraded firmwares can achieve working results. Try downgrading, if it doesn't resolve just go back up to the latest firmware again.
    STEP 7: There are times where the official firmware for your specific cart isn't up to par with the alternatives created. Try a legit alternative firmware for your flashcart. eg, (DSTT/R4 -->YSMENU), (Acekard--->AKAIO), (M3 DS Real---> Sakura) so forth..
    STEP 8: If you're using cheats maybe they are faulty. Get rid of them and get them from a reliable source.
    Or just dont put them on period.
    STEP 9: Possibly the "GAMES/ROMS" you have are faulty. Obtain ones from a new location...
    STEP 10: Try another DS. If possible.
    STEP 11: If all else fails, get a new Flashcart and/or MicroSD Card from a reputable site.

    Tell us if it works or not~ Good luck.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    I dont think N-Card uses SD card, I may be wrong, but I think it has internal memory.