Unable to read Wii/GC original games nor backups

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by bushe777, Dec 2, 2008.

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    I have a creepy issue! I have a wii, an old one to say, i always played games normally, but it started to make some strange noise, it was buzzing to loud, then i couldn't read SSBB which was the reason it encourage me to make run in a way and ended up with the Backup loader and a DVD5 version of SSBB. My problem is that i was able to play backup games on my unmodded wii smooth and nicely, until i decided to try Waninkoko's Wii Disc Dumper and installed the IOS5, which in the end i couldnt finish dumping becuase on the last part it always ended in an error, so well i tried i said, then here comes my surprise, i tried the Backup Loader and i could load more backup nor original games from the Disc Channel!!! i supossed i burned my lens drive trying to dump a game and besides it made a lot of NOISE when playing games, more from the Disc channel of course, becuase of the read speed.

    That one part of the story, then my cousin came by an he has a wii, kinda new, and i told him about the backups and the backup loader, i made the same process as my wii and guess what am not able to play original Wii/GC games nor backups!!! come on this cant be happening.

    I have doubts about a couple of things:
    Can this be happening becuase of the sd card?
    i mean it read the files from the homebrew channel but may there be a problem if i have more stuff inside the sd card that has nothing to do with wii homebrew.
    Or something happened dumping a game and when i tried the same sd card for installing homebrew i needed to format the sd card.
    I dont think now it is my noisy wii lens drive because my cousins wii was almost new and silent.
    I dont know what else to think about, the same issue happened to me twice!

    I will really appreciate some guidance, anything that helps i could try. If i didnt express myself clear somewhere or need to know something else to have an idea of what could be, just let me know please.

    P.D. My wii its not bricked nor chipped nor my cousin's wii. Also before doing this to my cousin's wii and before trying to dump a game, i made the backup loader work in a friends wii with no problems, also not chipped)
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    un modded wii can read original gc/wii games it means something is wrong with your drive change it and see if it works.
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    IOS5 is a stub IOS present in some Wiis. No known functional version has ever been found.

    Try fixingyou Wii using Modmii BY XFlak.

    Look in the hacking stickies!
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    Great job to resurrect a 3 year old thread
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    HAHA respect! How the hell you came to this link darkshadow1997?