Gaming Homebrew Unable to Change Minecraft Bedrock Skin on Atmosphere 1.1.1


Apr 18, 2021
United States
After updating my EmuMMC to 13.0.0 and downloading the latest version of Minecraft from one of the Tinfoil shops, I was going to add one of those custom skin packs to overwrite one of the included ones with my personal skin. I used to use Edizon SE to backup saves to edit and inject, but I've since switched to JKSV because my all of my worlds weren't backed up from one of my saves from Edizon.

I added the folder with the skin pack that had my skin in it and injected the save, but not only did it not added the skin packs, when I attempted to edit my character from the Character Creation screen, it just tries to send me to the Marketplace which will never load anything because of 90DNS so it just loads infinitely. Even when I turn off wifi or turn on airplane mode, it still tries to load the Marketplace when trying to edit my character.

So, I then tried doing this on version 1.0.0 since I could just change my skin from a dedicated menu without needing to connect to the Marketplace. The skin pack did show up, but none of the skins did. I could choose any of them, and they even showed the correct name of the skin, but whenever I chose one, it appeared all black on menu. I tried making a world just to see if **maybe** the skin will actually load, but it says the skin is either invalid or corrupt, and just wouldn't let me exit that screen, so i had to close the game.

I didn't change the steps I found from (, but it just doesn't seem to be working. Should I be using a different save injector/backup app, or is there a specific MC version I should be doing this on before updating it to the latest version? Maybe this doesn't work on 13.0.0? I'm clueless at this point.

Any advice at all would be extremely helpful. I know it doesn't really matter since I won't be playing online due to MC being an NSP and being on EmuMMC, I would just like to be able to play with my skin.

Thank you! (Sorry for the essay, I just wanted to give the most info possible so there's no confusion. ^^")


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Jan 20, 2012
I have the same issue whereas previously skin packs worked for me, now they do not. I have been using Checkpoint to move saves between the Switch and PC. I have updated atmosphere to 1.2.4, emmc firmware to 13.1.0 and minecraft to 1.17.41 and somewhere along the way skins no longer work. I am not sure which change broke this since it has been a while since Minecraft was turned on.
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