Ultra 64 Mario Bros (The new definitive version of Super Mario 64?)


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Dec 12, 2017
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So here is an awesome Rom hack that I saw just pop up:

Simply put, it's Super Mario 64 where you are given the option before selecting your file to play as Mario or Luigi in single player, or you can select split-screen co-op. Obviously, these have all been available in Mario 64 romhacks before, but this is the first time that I'm aware of that you can play any of those versions within the same title. There is a VS. mode that is coming, but not yet available. The game also includes some dropped beta content like the enemies Blargg or Motos.

Currently, this is only a patch for a .z64 version of the Mario 64 rom, but they say they might later work it into the decompiled build, which of course would really open up the game if they do with native widescreen and a full control camera being chief among what that would mean.

As it stands now, it appears to be an open beta build, so if you do get the game up and running, there will currently be a headline across the top of the game through the whole play session that says V64MB Open Beta 1. I imagine this is to ensure that you update the build to a proper release as soon as one is available.

In the meantime, if you don't mind the header, you can get the open beta version right now, the patch and directions can be found HERE, it specifies what kind of emulators it will run on, it does also run on an Everdrive 64 as well. I also tested the game in the glide version of Wii 64 on my Wii U, and it runs brilliantly there. I may try making it an injected VC title for the Wii U and see if that works as well, I have some doubt that that will also work, but who knows.

I will say, not crazy about the new name change. I get what they're doing, it's Ultra 64 Mario Bros because this was the original vision for Mario 64 when it was being worked on for the then titled Ultra 64: single and multiplayer in the same cartridge. I get that, but I still think a better name would just be Super Mario Bros. 64

Regardless, this is cool, and I look forward to more complete releases in the future.
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