Ultimate GFX Battle Tournament hosted by Xire Desi

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    Jul 19, 2007
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    Hello GBATemp Community,

    I found the best possible place to post this invitation to you guys.

    I want to tell everyone here about an Event that Xire Designs is running. It is a BIG GFX Battle tournament and the first place prize is 350$ USD, REAL CASH! The runner up prize is 50$ USD. This event is huge and its only happening on Xire Designs.

    So do you think you got what it takes? Everyone is welcome. All skill levels and knowledge of graphic designing. The tournament is simple. It is based on signature gfx design. It is also a good oppertunity to compete with a mass amount of people from different communities. Get feedback on your work from professionals and improve and learn new skills!

    For further information and details on this special event, please check out www.xiredesigns.net/forums.

    All you need to do is register a free account and it only takes less than a minute. (no e-mail validation required.)

    Thanks for reading and good luck!

    - Fatal, Xire Designs Admin