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    Was considering making one collective video on this and uploading it to youtube [this was the script], but in the end, I decided against it because I didn't want to re-homebrew my 2ds XL to get footage. Hopefully this helps someone setting up their system. I know it might be a bit hard to read, but this was a script.

    What you need, legality, what you will have after finishing this guide
    Hey Guys, Person here and today, I'm going to show you how to mod the ultimate 3ds for free.
    However, please make sure to look into your local laws, as modding your 3ds might potentially be illegal in certain countries, unlike modding your iPhone which has been proven not to be.
    Also, this breaks Nintendo's warranty, so they won't repair your device if it breaks, and it could lead to your device getting banned online and possibly bricked if done wrong.
    So first things first, you're going to need a NEW nintendo 3ds or 2ds (since they have better processing power), a microSD card, and a android phone or PC.
    I'd personally recommend the 2ds xl w/ mario kart 7 preinstalled from walmart (https://tinyurl.com/y8ocquxs), as the 2ds xl is the best model in my opinion, and it is by far the cheapest option right now, at only $100.
    In terms of SD card, I'm using this 128 GB micro sd (https://tinyurl.com/y86d4c4h), which is only $22, but there's also a 64 GB option for $12 that can support tons of games. You can go even smaller if you want, but $10-20 is a pretty cheap price to pay for this much storage (3ds games are up to 2 GB max).
    I personally will be setting all of this up using my laptop along with the SD card, but it is entirely possible to do all of this using the new 3ds lines 'wireless micro sd card' method even using an android phone for setup, but you'll have to look into that yourself as I have no experience with it.
    Luckily, there's a way to recover it if it gets bricked though.
    By the time you finish setting up everything in this tutorial, you'll be able to stream your 3ds to your pc wirelessly, have custom themes and boot icons, install any custom firmware you want, and emulate/run NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, DS/Dsi, N64, and 3ds games.
    Now with that out of the way, let's get on to setting up our ultimate 3ds system/emulator.

    Stuff to set up before homebrewing the 3ds
    So first things first, in order to minimize the chance of getting banned, we need to do a few things.
    -Go to System Settings, then “Internet Settings”, then “SpotPass”, then “Sending of System Information”
    -Disable the “Sending of System Information” option
    -Go to your Friend List (the orange Face Icon in the top row of your Home Menu)
    -If you receive an error and are kicked out of the menu, the Friend List setting is either already disabled or your console cannot connect to Nintendo’s servers (due to a ban or connection issues)
    -Go to the Friend List settings, then “Friend Notification Settings”, then “Show friends what you’re playing”
    -Disable the “Show friends what you’re playing” option
    Basically, this makes sure Nintendo can't ban you by detecting that you're using homebrew software.
    Also before we start modding our 3ds, we need to format our SD card. You can do that using http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm which will be linked in the description. You just plug in your SD card to your PC, select it, then format it.

    Homebrewing the 3ds
    Anyway, first things first we need to actually homebrew/jailbreak our system in order to run custom firmware.
    I'll be shortening and summarizing the guide that I watched in order to get this up and running on my 3ds. It's by far the most tedious and risky part of setting up your 3ds, so I'd reccomend watching the full video, as you might accidentally brick your system.
    The guide will be linked in the description[], but I will now show you my personal 'summarized/shortened' version of the guide. [Improvise this script later]

    Custom Themes / Splash Screens
    -Go to https://github.com/astronautlevel2/Anemone3DS/releases/tag/v2.1.0 and get the newest release's CIA file.
    -Install the CIA file on your 3ds using FBI.
    -Find a theme you like on https://themeplaza.eu/themes , or make your own using one of the many online tools.
    -Go into the new application, click the download icon in the top right, then scan the qr code for your theme with the 3ds camera.
    -Hold A on the new theme, then hold the d-pad's up arrow, then let go of A and the theme will install.
    -For splash screens, do the same thing, but you need to enable splash screens on the luma3ds menu (which you get to by holding select while booting your 3ds)

    Wirless Streaming
    Now lets set up the 3ds wireless streaming.
    -Install Snickerstream.exe on your computer.
    -Install the most recent PabloMK7-Banner.cia file from https://github.com/Nanquitas/BootNTR/releases and put in in your cia files.
    -Put your microsd back in your 3ds, and install it with FBI.
    -Once installed, click 'titles' on FBI in order to get your 3ds's IP adress, then put that in snickerstream.
    -Then run NTR CFW which should be on your home menu.
    -Once that happens, click 'connect' on snickerstream and it should show up on your PC.
    -Please note, this software can often be buggy as it's pretty old, but there's no other wireless free alternative.
    And yeyah, that's all there is to wirelessly streaming your 3ds.

    Now lets get on to setting up the emulators. In terms of emulation, with the setup I have, you can emulate NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, DS/DSi, N64, and 3ds games with the software that I will show you how to set up.
    If you want to get the cia and dsi files from any DS or 3ds games you own, there is a method to do that with GodMode9 (which we have installed), but I personally did it years ago, so you'll have to look up a guide for that.
    While these emulators can techinically run pirated games, I personally don't condone that behavior, and am purely showing this to educate other as to how to emulate their older games on a newer console, which as far as I can tell, is perfectly legal where I currently reside.
    The 3ds can emulate a lot more, which I belive includes old PC titles along with PS1 titles, but you'll have to figure out how to get those emulators on your own, as I personally have no experience setting them up.

    NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA Emulation
    Now, you can just install retroarch to emulate most games, which you can probably find a simple tutorial for online, but I personally prefer each 'game' being its own seperate thing and actually showing up on the 3ds home menu.
    In order to convert NES, SNES, GB, GBC, and GBA games/roms to playable virtual console titles, we'll be using 'New Super Ultimate Injector for 3DS', which I have a link to in the description: https://tinyurl.com/y8j7742h
    When you first install and open the software, you'll notice it's in spanish.
    This can be changed to english by going to the third tab, then the fourth option and then changing the 'language' to english.
    Now, converting your old games to playable virtual consoles games is actually pretty easy. You go to file -> New -> whatever system you're using (in our case, GBA)
    Then, go to project -> Load ROM, and set up all of your game details, in most cases, you simply have the Long and Short name automatically imput, the game publisher automatically input, and you can download the game icon and adjust it to be how you want to look.
    Please note, you CAN use a custom banner, but I honestly like how the virtual console games look and setting up a custom banner is very difficult.
    You can also 'edit content options' to change how you view the game along with controls.
    Anyway, once everything is set up to your liking, simply hit project -> export cia, and put it in your CIA files folder.
    Then, simply plug in your 3ds and install the CIA and your game will be set up and usable.

    N64 Emulation
    On top of this, you can also emulate N64 games, and for this, we'll be using Daedalusx64: https://github.com/masterfeizz/DaedalusX64-3DS/releases.
    To use this, simply put this files from daedalus.zip onto the root of your SD card, and put the cia file in your cia folder.
    Then re-insert the micro-sd card and install the cia to have the emulator on your 3ds.
    If your ROMs are in the ROM folder,

    DS/DSi Emulation
    Now the hardest system to figure out how to emulate by far was DS/DSi. Now that I know how to do it, however, it's pretty easy, but if you have any problems with this, look up a video on TWiLight Menu ++ to run DS games.
    If you want a detailed text guide from the guy who made it, that will be available in the description below: https://tinyurl.com/gv2bfpv.
    So first things first, download the files given in step 1 by the website, extract them, and put them in the root (or highest layer) of your 3ds micro sd card.
    -Customize the ntr_forwarder.ini files, found in those files to your liking, in my case, all I did was disable the DS/DSi boot animation.
    -Download the 7 zip file from TWiLightMenu
    -Drag the entire 'apfix' folder out of there into the 'ntr-forwarder' file found in your _nds folder on your micro sd card.
    -Also, make a 'ROMs' folder on the root of your SD card and put any DS games you have in there.
    -Then, install the 'Forwader3-DS' software on your computer.
    -Drag all the ROMs in that folder into the software after opening Forwarder3DS.jar
    -Make sure to click Update templates at startup, and Automatically set ROM path.
    -Then hit the folder in the bottom right.
    -Drag all the .cia files in to your cias folder, and re-insert the sd card to your 3ds.
    -From there, you can install the CIAs like before, and they might appear on your home menu. If they don't, you should be able to fix it by simply powering off your 3ds then powering it back on again.
    Please note, you can only use 40 or so of your backed up DS games as there is a limit on 'DSi Ware' titles on the 3ds.
    If you have any other problems with this, you'll have to ask the people on the forum post in the description, as I only know the basics of getting it working with a 3ds micro SD cards.

    Outro (for forum)
    That's all there is. Hopefully this was helpful in compiling all this information, I don't really know if this is that easy to read through or understand, but I figured I might as well post this here to compile all the information I have at the moment so I can set it up again if something happens and so maybe someone gets helped. If you have any questions / problems with this stuff, I'm not the person to ask, but maybe someone will reply here. However, your best shot at getting help is going to the forums where all of this stuff was released or the github/discord related to a project and asking for help there. Good Luck and Have Fun. :)
    *If anyone wants to rewrite this somewhere else if it's too confusing, feel free too, in fact, I encourage it.
    This method worked on the newest 3ds update as of 6/26/20 at 8:41 EST.
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    It may lead to your console getting bricked. but 3ds.hacks.guide is the only guide you want and has basically no brick risk anymore.

    The show friends what yer playing and disable spotpass. dont make a speck of difference. ninty is likely not going to ban you for that. Bans are more outright cheating online and before was from playing leaked games early online.

    This whatever it is seems more like a cluttered headache and no. making a yt video for a guide will only be frowned on as they go outdated quickly.
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    1.) 3ds.hacks.guide probably is the safest method, but as I mentioned somewhere in there, there is in fact a chance of bricking with the method I used. I was just saying that's the method I ended up using, and it worked fine for me personally.
    2.) While you're probably right, it's just a safety precaution, not really much of a hassle, so I personally did it just because of how little you had to do to just theoretically be safer.
    3.)To clarify, I was saying I decided against making a YT vid, but I personally can re-read this guide if I ever lose my microsd and have to set up a new one or something like that and figured why not share it online. As I stated at the ending, this may be VERY hard for normal people to read, so feel free to rewrite the guide yourself or ask me what a specific phrase means.
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    Thanks for sharing your method! In my opinion it's a bit lengthy, what can lead to confusion if you are hacking a 3DS for the first time. ;)

    In that case, I find the 3ds.hacks.guide more straight forward and works for both old and New 3DS.

    The emulation part of your tutorial is good, but, again, you only consider the New 3DS. This tread is very complete and includes both old and New 3DS. :yay:

    On another note, by "normal people" you mean...? :rofl2:
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    Not me basically.
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    i hate to be that guy, but Twilight menu isnt emulation, good guide though
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    I'd hate to ruin to your guide but this is really misleading.
    • Most of this stuff is your preference
    • You linked a video guide
    • You called TWilight Menu++ emulation :rofl2:
    • You told that installing CFW can lead to a ban and to disable certain settings to avoid Nintendo bans, which haven't happened in years unless you cheat online or do a charge-back
    This is a script at best not a guide, if you can even call it that...
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    1.) Of course it is, this is my 3ds setup. What did you expect?
    2.)The video guide is because I didn't feel the need to write that all out when that guys video explained what I did perfectly. If I had made a video I would've simply condensed what that guy said.
    3.) I'm new to this stuff, and the TWilight Menu++ lets me run DS games through my SD card on my 3ds (which isn't naively supported to my knowledge) so I feel like it's fair to call it a way to emulate DS games even if it's not techincally.
    4.) I haven't been on here for years and legit homebrewed my 3ds for the first time a few days ago, so I had no clue, so my bad I guess? I mean I'm technically right here, but I can actually get what ur saying here and it's good to know.

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    DW someone else had you covered. Glad that you thought this guide was good though, hopefully it helps someone else.

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    Also in terms of emulation, I personally prefer having each game showing up on my home menu, so getting emulators for any given system unless required is something I would prefer not to do :P
    Although it is annoying that NTR CFW can't capture my gba games (which someone said had something to do w/ booting into another core) which the emulator might fix.
    Is there some way to both have them on the home menu + have them be playable in the VC so I could record the games using the emulator whenever I felt like it? Or can you not record the emulator for the same reason?
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