Uloader VC gaming is it posible to make custom pics?

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    Ok so i did the jump from wbfs to fat32 in order to make more use of my 1tb drive, since wiiflow will run my games from fat32 i said why not. So I finaly configured wiflow to work with 222 and all is fine again in that aspect and I started messing with triforce wich was the primary focus of going fat 32. now any WW in trifoce works, VC games just hang after the clasic controller screen(with clasic controller plugged in) and i coudnt find a solution, also it didnt ran injected games. Then I found out uloader can run VC and ww games and since my wii games are wbfs files U loder wont see them so I was great uloader only sees VC/WW games and wiiflow only sees wii games(i prefer wiiflow to bad it dosent suport VC/WW games yet)

    In short uloder worked as a charm for VC/ww even for injected VC wads! with 1 lil detail, it shows the images that are preset in the wads just like downloading it via wii and having it as a normal chanel, whie this isnt a problem for oficial wads, most injected wads dont come with a image or have the original wads image so i ended up with 30 Donkey kong images on my uloader menu lol. Now is there a way(folder) i can put custom made artwork (like i can in wiiflow or gx) so uloader will show that image (just like in triforce)? I tried searching but i got countless unrelated posts, so if anyone knows if its posibkle to put a custom png image to a folder in my usb drive with the game letters ex. RH4.png so uloader can read it instead of the ugly dk image id be gratefull!

    NVM i found a spanish tut on it, now the problem is i made 3 coers for 3 games but 2 of the covers just keep stealing the image from the 1st one, when i look at them on my pc all 3 are diferent but when set to the games on u loader they all look the same.