uLoader freezing on settings page

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    uLoader 5.1d freezes when I try to exit the settings page of a game on my hdd. I Tried setting the game via uLoader to use 222v4 38 merge 37, 222v4 37, 223v4 37, and the same combinations but with 222/223 v5.

    The game is Rock Band 2 which is on a wbfs partition & my dlc is on a fat partition. I have tried the game on both partitions using both ciso and wbfs format. It detects the game when in either format on the wbfs partition but that's where the freezing comes into play. It doesn't recognize it at all in either format on the fat partition.

    The wbfs partition is first on the drive and the fat32 (32k clusters) partition is 2nd. Both are primary partitions with the fat partition set as active.

    Any ideas on how to remedy the freezing when applying and/or exiting the uLoader settings menu?

    Edit: If it matters any... Wii SM 4.2U.