UK Online Retailers Cutting Wii U Prices

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    Seems like retailers are taking the rough sales (though apparently its doing better at this time than the PS3/360 were...apparently) of the Wii U into their own hands.

    Zavvi did have the Premium bundle with Nintendoland at £225 for a short period of time, now it's back to £275...which is still £25 less than the RRP.

    Simplygames have beaten that for the Premium 32GB bundle with Nintendoland for £259.99 + £5.95 for delivery.

    Over at, £199 will net you a regular 8GB console and £249 will get you the Premium 32GB console with Nintendoland. It's free delivery but you can pay about a fiver more if you can't wait 3-5 days. have gone £10 better and now offers the basic bundle for £189.85. Free next day delivery too if you order before 5PM...quite spiffy. Also they themselves give you a 12 month warranty where you can return it to them if something goes wrong with it...however if you have purchased digital content you will want to contact Nintendo first.

    I'm kinda debating with myself at whether to bite at this or not but maybe I'll wait until later, I'd like a Wii U and there are some games that'll keep me going for a month or so but then it's a long ass wait until later in the year when the big guns appear. If retailers are starting to cut prices now, I wonder how they and Nintendo will react when the competition have their consoles in shops. Not really known if those will be released later this year, Sony have gone on record stating that it may not release in some regions until 2014 and when it comes to Europe, they tend to wait sometime to release home consoles over here (PS3 took five months). A major factor could come with manufacturing and materials what with two major consoles launching, chips being used in more devices like mobile etc and all that.
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    That's some pretty good prices actually. But there's hte several month old mantra of "it has no gaems." Whilst the hardware price is decent, the software available just kills it for me.